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rowing right up with each other, Robyn and Wes had never considered the possibility of an enchanting commitment. « He was an excellent pal of my earlier sis at school, » states Robyn. « And the family members stayed in exactly the same village in north Devon. »

The four-year age gap intended they don’t see most of both in their adolescents. « I do remember watching Rob when she’d started institution and she really was into politics. She was actually ranting about communism, » claims Wes, chuckling.

It was not until xmas 2018 that their unique connection began to change, whenever Wes paid an intoxicated visit to the woman home. « everybody else choose to go to bed at my home and I desired to continue the party, » he describes. Although he thinks there was « some chemistry » that evening, she wasn’t very sure. « i believe he believed he was becoming pleasant and ended up being attempting to chat right up my personal 82-year-old granny, » she recalls. « But he couldn’t actually stand-up. We’d to get him to sleep. »

A week later the pair went along to a brand new season’s Eve party in Bristol, where they were residing. « it absolutely was a coincidence we had both chosen that area to go to, » claims Robyn, « but it’s quite popular with teenagers from our region. »

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It was not well before they certainly were talking and chuckling with each other. Their friends realised there is a spark here, but Robyn was oblivious. « I’d sworn off men after appearing out of a negative union, » she claims. « I would eliminated away for an enjoyable evening with buddies also it wasn’t on my radar at all. » Reading various signals, Wes leaned set for a kiss at midnight. « we informed him it had better not be a pity hug. I imagined the guy believed sorry in my situation. »

When they had ironed completely that misunderstanding, they invested all of those other night collectively. « My aunt was at the party and questioned if I’d been kissing Wes, » states Robyn. « I denied it but I experienced lipstick scars everywhere my personal face, so I needed to admit ultimately. She found the notion of you with each other odd initially but emerged round to it. »

In January the two went on their basic big date, to a regional club. « I was panicking because I found myself late, » states Wes. « we watched a scooter driver get pulled off his bike on the road and I also was initially on scene to greatly help. » The driver was not severely injured, but Wes acknowledges he hammed up the tale for Robyn. « we informed her I would spared another person’s life. »

Even without that, they had a lot to speak about. « We had most of the same friends also it all thought simple and natural, » states Robyn. It was not a long time before they became the official pair. In Sep they made the decision to go in collectively, and from now on stay Wes’s flat. « we are like an old wedded few, » Robyn says.

Wes claims he or she is « an extremely enthusiastic » cook. « i’ll begin Slimming World due to his cooking, » Robyn laughs. They also love checking out Bristol and travel. « just last year we went along to Milan and Croatia; we’re preserving for a visit to New York. »

Robyn works for a nearby liquid business, while Wes is actually a merchant account manager for a coffee roastery. « When I came across Rob she had been having instantaneous coffee with sweeteners, » states Wes. « today i have switched this lady into a coffee snob. »

Explaining his girl as « one associated with the funniest people » he knows, Wes states they always have enjoyable with each other. « She really loves myself for just who Im now, perhaps not for my personal possible, and that’s a very nice feeling. » For Robyn it really is her partner’s positive character that made her be seduced by him. « we call him my personal sun guy. I feel like i will be myself personally around him – that I’ve never found before. » The connection came within correct time on her. « In 2016 we lost my companion to committing suicide, that has been very difficult, » she clarifies. « I was getting myself right back together but discovering a brand new really love has given me a new lease of life. » Though the couple believe they will go returning to Devon in future, Robyn states they want to delight in town life initial. « we are appreciating our everyday life at the moment and doing your best with getting collectively. »